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Mortgage Administrator

Managing a Mortgage Investment Portfolio of Residential, Commercial, and Real Estate Developments

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Over $15,000,000 in Mortgage Investments

VMSI is a Licensed Mortgage Administrator in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick

What We Do

As a Mortgage Administrator, Valour Mortgage Services Inc. (VMSI) specializes in managing and facilitating the payment process between borrowers and lenders to ensure a smooth and efficient mortgage investment experience.

Our Services

  • Issuing Investor updates
  • Tracking and communicating any potential conflicts of interest
  • Maintaining robust policy procedures and controls
  • Complying with all regulatory requirements
  • Collecting and depositing direct payments
  • Conducting follow-ups on the subject property
  • Performing due diligence and ensuring compliance
  • Confirming property taxes and insurance
  • Issuing fees for NSF or late payments
  • Handling renewal arrangements, if necessary
  • Managing the complete process in case of default
  • Ensuring timely payments
  • Maintaining privacy regarding title charge
  • Assisting with registered funds
  • Recording interest, preparing mortgage statements, and issuing T5’s
  • Managing the discharge and repayment of the investment
  • Overseeing all legal work

Our Clients

We primarily cater to private lenders who are seeking a streamlined and efficient private mortgage lending experience. Private lenders are individuals, groups of individuals, or institutions that provide funds for mortgages directly to borrowers.

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